PHOTO! Miranda Simms & Vee Torres Show Off Their Baby Bumps!

In case you missed the news ‘Teen Mom 2′ dads Corey Simms and Jo Rivera are having more kids! Miranda and Vee are both pregnant at the same time and it’s super exciting!


Check out their adorable baby bumps while they pose together in LA during the ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 Reunion taping!

‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap Season 6 Episode 1 ‘Keep It Moving’


When we last saw the ladies of ‘Teen Mom 2′ it seemed like the drama was just getting started. Leah Calvert and Corey Simms entered into a custody battle over twin daughters Ali and Aleeah, Jenelle and Nathan had a baby and were working to gain custody of Jenelle’s first son Jace, Chelsea got her cosmetology license and started her career, and Kailyn and Javi started their life together in a new home with a new baby but started having trouble in their marriage.

In the Season 6 premiere of ‘Teen Mom 2′ we are thrown right back into the girls world and problems. Keep reading to find out what happened with each girl in this episode break down.  Continue reading ‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap Season 6 Episode 1 ‘Keep It Moving’

‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Leah Calvert: “I’m not an incompetent mother!”

Leah Calvert Unfit

In a brand new sneak peek of ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 Leah and Corey talk about their custody battle. Last season we saw the couple argue over their daughter Ali being repeatedly absent and late for school and appointments. In court Leah was referred to as an incompetent mother and was asked to take a drug test.

Even though I’m annoyed that I have to take a drug test, I’m relieved that our custody hearing is over,” Leah says in the sneak peek clip. “I’m hoping we can move past this for our girls’ sake.

Corey Simms

Like I told you from day one, what I was doing was not a personal attack towards you,” Corey says to Leah. “It might have seemed like that, but what I was seeing I just didn’t agree with. I didn’t like the tardies because next year they aren’t going to like tardies in kindergarden.

Leah Calvert

I can’t say that I don’t have hard feelings, because I do,” Leah replied. “Being called an incompetent mother and this and that was really hurtful.

Corey maintains that he just wants what is best for the girls and suggests they alternate weeks instead of him only having them on the weekend. Leah doesn’t seem to budge on it though. Find out what happens in ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6. Premiering tonight at 10pm EST on MTV.

Mackenzie CONFIRMS She Has a Sex Tape… See Her Explanation!


‘Teen Mom 3′ Star Mackenzie McKee has confirmed that there are in fact videos of her having sex with her husband floating around Vivid Entertainment’s Office. Her explanation for why (after talking a lot of smack about Farrah Abraham being a porn star) is.. Interesting.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Mackenzie claims her cell phone, that contained private videos of her and her husband having sex, was stolen.

“I would never make a sex tape,” Mackenzie said, before explaining how a tape got into Vivid’s offices. “My phone was stolen and looked through and there is personal videos and photos on there that are for mine and my husband’s eyes to see…My phone was taken and I got it back but they were looking through trying to find someone to call [and found the tapes].”

Even Farrah's like... Dafuq?
Even Farrah’s like… Dafuq?

The only way these tapes will become public is if Mackenzie signs a contract with Vivid Entertainment. “We would love to work with Mackenzie,” Vivid told The Ashley. “Ultimately the decision is hers and I look forward to meeting with her to discuss.” Legally they can’t do anything with the tapes without Mackenzie’s consent.

After the recent trip to LA to meet with Vivid Mackenzie tweeted, “Horribly exhausting trip. There goes Josh. Over false information.” Which may indicate that the two disagreed about this whole sex tape thing…

Do you think we will be seeing another ‘Teen Mom’ sex tape any time soon?

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