Maci Bookout & Family in a Terrible Car Accident!


On Sunday morning January 18th pregnant Maci Bookout of ‘Teen Mom’ had a horrible car accident that flipped her jeep! Her 6 year old son Bentley was in the car with her. Thankfully everyone is okay and walked away with minor injuries according to Maci.

She shared to her instagram this morning the shocking photos of her totaled jeep stating, “Thanking God that Bentley and I were able to walk away from this nightmare with only a few bruises. Thanking God that my unborn baby girl is perfectly healthy after this. I’d also like to @JeepOfficial @Jeep because if our seatbelts and the roll cage had not done their job, I’m not sure my family and I would of had the same outcome. Thanks to everyone that stopped to help, that was huge. I pray everyone else involved is doing okay. ‪#‎jeepwrangler‬ ‪#‎rolledthreetimes‬ ‪#‎terrifying‬ ‪#‎totaled‬ ‪#‎notmyfault‬

It’s quite a miracle that Maci and her family made it out of that crash and I will certainly be praying for them and the other people involved today.

SHOCKING VIDEO: Jenelle Evans Tells Nathan’s Brother She Wishes He Died Overseas:


Jenelle and Nathan recently took what seemed to be a dream vacation in St. Thomas where Nathan proposed. Unfortunately the vacation did not go as smoothly as we all thought. Jenelle and Nathan’s brother and other guests that accompanied them on the trip ended up fighting quite a bit.

It’s not completely clear why there was so much tension or arguing between the group but Jenelle took things over the line when she wished death on Nathan’s older brother who served in the military. Continue reading SHOCKING VIDEO: Jenelle Evans Tells Nathan’s Brother She Wishes He Died Overseas:

Maci Bookout Talks Pregnancy Symptoms and Wedding Plans


‘Teen Mom’ star Maci Bookout is currently expecting her second child, this time with long time boyfriend Taylor. The couple are expecting their baby girl to arrive in June. Maci told InTouch magazine that she had “strange” pregnancy symptoms like itchy legs which prompted her to take a pregnancy test. Looks like she’s continuing to experience strong symptoms of pregnancy since she tweeted on January ninth,

So it’s no surprise that Maci doesn’t want to deal with the stress of planning a wedding while pregnant. Even though they would love to be married before having a baby they have decided to wait until after their daughter is born. “I don’t want to be a pregnant bride. That would be way too stressful!. Plus, I want to be able to have fun at my wedding,” Maci told the magazine.

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