Leah and Jeremy

Sneak Peek! Jeremy Thinks Corey Stole His Shorts!

Jeremy Calvert

You really can’t make this stuff up.

In the “Unseen Moments” special we see yet another fight between Leah and Jeremy but this time… it’s over some camo  shorts… naturally.

After picking up the twins from their weekend with Corey Jeremy noticed that Corey had shorts that looked suspiciously similar to his own camo shorts that he just so happened to lose. Right off the bat he’s angry with Leah and confronts her immediately… through a text. (For goodness sake people don’t text and drive… or read your husband’s crazy texts while driving 3 young children around.)

Leah Calvert Divorce

Her reaction? She calls him “plum dumb” and kicks him out of the car. Jeremy was so serious about this that Leah had to text Corey and ask him what size shorts he was wearing. Because that’s totally a normal thing to ask someone…

As it turns out the shorts did not belong to Jeremy.

Watch the Full Sneak Peek HERE!

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Kailyn and Javi

Sneak Peek! Javi Livid After Finding Out Kailyn’s Mother Babysat Lincoln While Drunk

Kailyn and Javi

In a new sneak peek of the upcoming second part of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 5 reunion special Kailyn reveals that she left her son Lincoln with her mother only to return to find her mother drunk.

Apparently she never told Javi the incident, so the reunion is the first time he’s heard about it. He comes out on stage and is shaking he is so angry. Kailyn thought her mother was sober and finally going to be a good grandmother but she was sadly let down once again.

Now Javi is left wondering what happened to his son in the couple of hours he was alone with kailyn’s mother. Watch the full sneak peek here. 


Exclusive! Amber Portwood Dishes on Working with Kailyn Lowry!


Amber Portwood of ‘Teen Mom’ and Kailyn Lowry of ‘Teen Mom 2′ recently teamed up for a duel book tour. The pair had only met once before so they barely knew one another before hitting the road together. I had the opportunity to catch up with Amber and see what she thought of working with Kailyn for the tour. This is what she had to say:  Continue reading

Chelsea Houska Adam Reunion

Sneak Peek: Is Chelsea STILL Hookin Up with Adam!???


In a sneak peek of tonight’s ‘Teen Mom 2′ reunion special Chelsea and Adam reveal to Dr. Drew that their sexual relationship was still on earlier this year.

Chelsea tells Dr. Drew that it had been “a while” since she hooked up with her ex/ baby daddy Adam Lind. (Whom she loves to bad mouth and talk about how gross he is to those MTV cameras) Adam says they were hooking up just a couple months prior to the filming of the reunion… which would mean that these two were still giving each other booty calls in the beginning of Summer THIS year.

What the heck Chelsea??? All we see on the show is how much she hates Adam but we always seem to find out that she’s banging him the whole time. SIGH.

Adam discusses his legal troubles and parenting skills in the sneak peek. Watch the full clip HERE!

That all being said, Chelsea MIGHT be completely done with Adam as of right now. She’s recently revealed that she has a boyfriend… finally!

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