Leah Calvert Crying

Sneak Peek! Leah Devastated Over Corey Fighting for Custody of the Twins:

Leah Calvert Custody

It’s sneak peek time! The upcoming episode of ‘Teen Mom 2′ is much anticipated after Corey dropped the bomb that he wants to swap roles with Leah when it comes to caring for their twin daughters.

Leah sits down with her step-dad to talk about the situation and it looks like Leah has some real fear about loosing physical custody of her girls. She says that she “can’t imagine not being the one taking care of them.

Corey decided to file for a change in their agreement after he got two letters from Ali’s therapist threatening to drop her from the program if she didn’t start showing up. Leah swears she only missed two appointments and had good reason for doing so… and Corey needs to start paying more child support! Corey is also fed up with Leah trying to run the show and bossing Corey around when it comes to his insurance company and Ali’s medical bills. In the previous episode Corey expresses concern for the way his daughters are being raised with Leah and Jeremy.

Watch the full sneak peek video here!

Do you think that Corey should have the girls most of the time and Leah should pay him child support… or do you think Corey should just take it and pay up!?

Amber and Kailyn Bobby Bones

VIDEO! Amber Portwood & Kailyn Lowry Talk ‘Teen Mom’ & ‘Teen Mom 2′

amber portwood and Kailyn Lowry

During their recent book tour Kailyn Lowry of ‘Teen Mom 2′ and Amber Portwood of the original ‘Teen Mom’ did an interview for the Bobby Bones Show.

The two discuss their current seasons of ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Kail reveals that filming for season 5 wrapped before the taping of their reunion special and since it seems like filming has continued for them I’m guessing there will be a season 6 to look forward to!

The original girls are headed back to our TV screens as well, they are currently filming their 5th season and it should be airing in early 2015. Amber confirms that Farrah will not be on the new show but she says that she doesn’t judge anyone and is still in contact with Farrah to this day.

Amber also talks about being recognized on the street. “I thought people would forget about me in prison… and I was okay with that!” As it turns out she was not forgotten at all and she expects things to get “crazy” with fans when the show comes back. Kailyn also jokes about being recognized and having stalker-like fans!

Watch the full interview below:


PHOTO GALLERY! New Pics of Jenelle Evans’ Son Kaiser!


Baby Kai has finally made his MTV debut! Jenelle and Nathan became the proud parents of baby Kaiser on the last episode of ‘Teen Mom 2′ and they seemed to be off to a good start!

As expected they were both super paranoid about their parents trying to take over and give too much “help,” so the couple made it clear that they want to do things on their own this time. Neither Jenelle or Nathan have custody of their first kids so they both are looking at this as their second chance.

After the episode aired Jenelle shared some new photos she had been holding back! Take a look at that cute baby! Who do you think he looks more like, Jenelle or Nathan?


Photos! Baby Kaiser Makes His MTV Debut on Tonight’s ‘Teen Mom 2′

Jenelle Evans Labor

Tonight on the new episode of ‘Teen Mom 2′ Jenelle Evans finally goes into labor! It’s time to meet baby Kaiser and see how Jenelle really does with the pressure of having a newborn!

Jenelle Evans in Labor

Jenelle tweeted these teaser pics and says: “Labor was reaaaaally hard for me this time around! Tune in to #TeenMom2 at 10PM on MTV!

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