New Photos! Maci Bookout Shows Off Growing Baby Bump!

Maci Bookout Baby Bump

Check out ‘Teen Mom: Original Girls’ Star Maci Bookout’s growing baby bump! Maci and boyfriend Taylor are expecting a baby girl they plan to name Jade Carter, in June of 2015.


Maci showed off her bump recently while posing in fan photos.

She looks extremely happy not only in these photos but in her recent MTV special “Getting to Know Maci.”

Watch Maci’s special here. 

New ‘Teen Mom’ Special: Getting to Know You

Amber Getting to Know You

A brand new ‘Teen Mom’ special (or 4) will air this weekend to get us all ready for the new season of ‘Teen Mom: Original Girls!’ The specials will show Maci, Amber, Farrah and Catelynn relive their ’16 & Pregnant’ days and how they got to where they are now!

Farrah Getting to Know You

The ‘Getting to know you’ specials will air tomorrow February 21st starting at noon EST on MTV. There will be one episode for each girl. They will air again in the evening starting at 8pm EST.

Catelynn Getting to Know You

Watch sneak peeks of the episodes here! 

PHOTOS! Catelynn and Tyler Get New Tattoos for Novalee!


Catelynn and Tyler of ‘Teen Mom’ recently got some new ink for their baby girl Novalee! The couple have tattoos for their first daughter (that they placed for adoption) Carly so it seems only fitting that they honor their new baby girl with some new tats.

Cate and Ty got their tattoos at Lance Kellar Studios in Michigan and MTV cameras were there to capture it all!

About to start! Novalees little foot 😊@lancekellarstudios

A photo posted by Catelynn Lowell (@catelynnmtv) on

Catelynn’s is similar to the one she has for Carly, a print of her little baby foot. Tyler’s however is a little more extreme! “This representation that I will always protect her is PERFECT!” Ty explains.


What do you think of the couple’s new tattoos?

‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Finally Fighting for Custody of Her Son

Jenelle Evans of ‘Teen Mom 2′ is finally fighting for custody of her son… but is it for the right reasons? She has been struggling to get her life on track since the birth of her son Jace back in 2009. Shortly after Jace came into the world Jenelle signed custody over to her mother Barbara due to the fact that she was a teenager and way too irresponsible to properly care for a baby. She just was not ready to give up her drugs and party lifestyle.


After that Jenelle spiraled out of control to the point of being addicted to hard drugs including heroin. Her life has been one scandal after another, between plastic surgeries, nude photos, drugs, alcohol, arrests, abortions… Jenelle has been through it all.  Continue reading ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Finally Fighting for Custody of Her Son

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