Will Amber Portwood’s Wedding Be On TV?


There has been a lot of talk about Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt tying the knot on camera for ‘Teen Mom.’ Amber says that she and Matt Baier plan to wed by the end of the year but according to a family insider that spoke with RadarOnline it actually has yet to be discussed with the network!


Amber wants the wedding to be very private. Only her close friends and family will be invited.” the source says, “Between filming, school and promoting her book, Amber has been extremely busy… She wants to decompress at home in Indiana and really take the time to plan something special. She wants it to be perfect.

There’s no question that Amber’s daughter Leah will be involved along with her other close family members including her cousin Krystal that we have seen quite a bit on the show.

Sad Update on Leah and Jeremy’s Marriage!


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about ‘Teen Mom 2′ stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert. The two have been working on their marriage ever since Leah was caught cheating with her ex boyfriend Robbie Kidd last October. Unfortunately things aren’t going well!

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports that Leah and Jeremy didn’t spend Easter weekend together and it wasn’t because he had to work. (Which is usually his reason for missing big events.) It’s also being reported that Jeremy might be seeing another woman. Leah posted to her personal facebook on Easter Sunday:

This isn’t the only holiday I have spent without my significant other. Some days are harder than most. I have remained strong through it though and my strength has seen me through…Just as it does today and many more struggles to come!

The Ashley also says that Leah has been talking a lot about being heartbroken on her personal facebook page… On top of everything according to reliable sources Jeremy has been in contact with ‘Teen Mom 2′ crew members in an attempt to set the record straight between himself and Leah. (I can’t wait for season 6!)

UPDATE: A source that spoke with UsWeekly says “Jeremy has been telling people for a few weeks now he’s going to file for divorce from Leah,” while a second source says,“They’re not really fighting so much… It’s just a lot of small things that just build up over time, but it does seem like they’re breaking up now,”

Jenelle Evans Reportedly Being Investigated for Harassing a Former Friend


Jenelle Evans always seems to be in some kind of legal trouble. Just recently Jenelle called the police on her (now ex) fiance Nathan Griffith for a physical altercation in their home. Now it’s being reported that an unidentified former friend filed a report with the Horry County, North Carolina police about Jenelle harassing her.

The police report, obtained by RadarOnline says, “when she broke off her friendship with the subject [Evans], she would continuously call, text, and send messages to the victim.” The former friend says she tried to cut all ties with Jenelle back in January but in March Jenelle “sent a long message on Facebook calling her a ‘b*tch’ and a ‘c**t.’” The victim says all she wants is for Jenelle to leave her alone.

A friend of Jenelle’s tells the website that Jenelle also filed a report against the ex-friend. “Jenelle filed a report against this woman too and the cops told her about this report. They didn’t do anything about it and her lawyer is handling everything else.

Chelsea Houska’s Reaction to Adam Lind’s Reported Vasectomy


‘Teen Mom 2′ dad Adam Lind recently reportedly got a vasectomy and Chelsea Houska couldn’t be more relieved! A source close to Chelsea explained to HollywoodLife that “Chelsea wanted to laugh when she heard about Adam’s vasectomy. She didn’t believe it at first, but once she realized he actually had done it, she thought it was probably one of the wisest decisions Adam has ever made!


Chelsea will always have to deal with the fact that her daughter Aubree has a half sister (Paislee) and that the two will have a relationship… but she doesn’t have to worry about Adam impregnating anyone else. So the next half sibling Aubree will have will be from Chelsea… if she and hunky boyfriend Cole ever decide to have a baby.


Chelsea finds it to be such a headache dealing with Adam’s other baby mama Taylor, when she she has to. She’s happy she can’t be put in that predicament ever again,” the source says. “Until this, Chelsea has barely even thought about Adam. Chelsea is so over him. Ever since she started dating her boyfriend Cole last year, she’s fallen head over heels in love. She’s so happy with Cole because he treats her right.

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