Chelsea Houska Adam Reunion

Sneak Peek: Is Chelsea STILL Hookin Up with Adam!???


In a sneak peek of tonight’s ‘Teen Mom 2′ reunion special Chelsea and Adam reveal to Dr. Drew that their sexual relationship was still on earlier this year.

Chelsea tells Dr. Drew that it had been “a while” since she hooked up with her ex/ baby daddy Adam Lind. (Whom she loves to bad mouth and talk about how gross he is to those MTV cameras) Adam says they were hooking up just a couple months prior to the filming of the reunion… which would mean that these two were still giving each other booty calls in the beginning of Summer THIS year.

What the heck Chelsea??? All we see on the show is how much she hates Adam but we always seem to find out that she’s banging him the whole time. SIGH.

Adam discusses his legal troubles and parenting skills in the sneak peek. Watch the full clip HERE!

That all being said, Chelsea MIGHT be completely done with Adam as of right now. She’s recently revealed that she has a boyfriend… finally!

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Did Leah Calvert Lose Custody of the Girls??? She Speaks Out:


There is a new rumor floating around that Leah Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2′ has already lost custody of her daughters, Ali and Aleeah, to their father Corey Simms.

Corey and Leah are currently battling to be the primary caretaker of their daughters after some disputes about child support and parenting styles. Corey feels that he should have more control over how his daughters are raised and is willing to only work on weekends in order to have the twins 5 days a week.


The battle is not yet over despite the new rumors. Leah took to Facebook to clear things up, “I don’t know who nor do I care who went to a magazine and started rumors but I DID NOT LOSE CUSTODY OF ALI AND ALEEAH. The custody agreement remains the same as it always has.

Who do you think should be the primary caretaker of Ali and Aleeah? Comment below with your thoughts!


PHOTOS from the set! Farrah Abraham Starts Filming New Horror Flick!

Farrah Abraham Movie
“Hey Ya’ll I’m Fanny Ray Baker… I’m in A Little Piece Of Heaven.” -Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham started filming for her new movie role. The former ‘Teen Mom’ star will be playing the part of Fannie Ray Baker, a bible-thumping, “seemingly well-intended conservative evangelical do gooder.” in the sequel horror flick “Axeman 2: Overkill.”

This part seems to be a silly one but no doubt entertaining. The movie is scheduled to come out sometime in 2015. Will you be watching?


Kailyn Lowry Apologizes for Racial Comments

Teen Mom 2 Jo Isaac

In the season finale of ‘Teen Mom 2′ Kailyn was called out for making some comments that came off a little bit… well, racist. Jo shared text messages that Kailyn had sent him telling him that Isaac is “half white” and “little white boys don’t dress like that,” in reference to a new haircut Jo had gotten Isaac and the way Jo dresses him during visitation.

Kail had been dreading this episode because she claims the comments came out the wrong way. She says she is clearly not racist considering the fact that she has two bi-racial children. She just wants for them to embrace both their cultures.

In a new exclusive by The Ashley, Kailyn’s friend reveals that the fight in question had actually occurred a month prior to the filming of that episode. In fact she claims that MTV pressured Jo into talking about the racial texts on camera for the drama. Apparently they had already resolved the disagreement which is why Kailyn got so mad that he brought it up and stormed off.

Despite feeling like she was set up Kail understands that her words were offensive to many and she tells MTV, “I’m deeply sorry for making those comments. They were not representative of who I am. Diversity is something I value, especially in my own family.

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