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Nathan Griffith Goes OFF on Jenelle Evans Mother!


Scenes like this make me cringe while watching ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Barbara is being a mom and trying to explain to Jenelle and Nathan that money doesn’t grow on trees and that they shouldn’t blow through all their MTV money on ridiculously priced car seats. This of course does not go over well. Like an angsty teenager Nathan gets all nasty with her and starts whining about not being told what to do.

Jenelle of course just sits there and lets her boyfriend disrespect her mother repeatedly. The whole fight goes down in front of Jace yet again also. It doesn’t take long for them to be screaming at each other about who is or isn’t an alcoholic. Watch the clip HERE.


Nikkole Paulun to Appear in Playboy Magazine?

Some of you might be saying “Nikkole who??” Well let me refresh your memory here. Nikkole Paulun appeared in the second season of 16 and Pregnant. She was the one with the babyish voice and douchey boyfriend Josh.


Nikkole was in the news a lot last year for allegedly faking an entire pregnancy that ended in a “still birth,” and then for getting a boob job right after that. Continue reading


Catelynn Lowell’s New Ultrasound Photo!!

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‘Teen Mom’ star Catelynn Lowell’s pregnancy is moving right along! CateĀ and fiance Tyler Baltierra are very excited for this new baby and to share the pregnancy in the new upcoming season of the show.

The couple hinted at finding out the gender of their baby recently on twitter but for now it looks like all they want to share is the new ultrasound photo:

Catelynn Lowell Ultrasound

Tyler tweeted the photo stating: “Can’t wait to meet you and hold you and kiss you and smother you with love you little munchkin lol! #DaddyAlreadyLovesYou #MoreThanYouKnow


Wedding Bells Are Ringing for ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Catelynn and Tyler!!

The wedding is back on according to new reports!! Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are currently expecting their second child together. They placed their first child Carly for adoption in 2009. Now the couple are finally stable and ready to move on and have a child they can raise themselves. Unfortunately their wedding which was planned for last summer was cancelled when the couple appeared on the VH1 show ‘Couples Therapy.’ Continue reading

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