VIDEO: Nathan Griffith Sobs While Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

Finally we see what happened when Nathan Griffith was arrested for domestic violence back in March of 2015. MTV film crew members called the police when they overheard the couple screaming from inside their home.

Nathan claimed that Jenelle injured herself and had him falsely arrested! He sobs and pleads with Jenelle as he is handcuffed and shoved into a police car. Watch the dramatic scene below:

Jenelle Evans Reportedly Moving Away with Kaiser After Breakup with Nathan Griffith


Just in case you haven’t heard ‘Teen Mom 2’ couple Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have officially split yet again. Nathan even has a new girlfriend which he has made “Facebook Official,” and Jenelle has been spotted bar hoping with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp!


A friend of Jenelle’s tells RadarOnline  that Jenelle and Nathan are no longer speaking about anything except their son Kaiser and that Jenelle is planning to move away from Nathan soon.  “Jenelle is trying to move to Wilmington, N.C. She wants to move to make a fresh start. Kaiser would move with Jenelle and Nathan knows that.


Fortunately as of right now it doesn’t look like Nathan will be putting up much of a fight about Jenelle moving with Kaiser. “Nathan says it will upset him that his son will be 1.5 hours away but he said he will just have to go up to visit him or meet Jenelle with his mom. They haven’t spoken about it yet. She needs to move first,” the friend said.

Photos! Butch Baltierra Out of Prison & Meeting Granddaughter for the First Time!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Tyler Baltierra is ecstatic that his father Butch is a free man just in time for him to attend Cate and Ty’s wedding! While waiting for Butch to be released Tyler shared on social media, “It’s been 4 years since I have seen him & words can’t describe how happy I am that he will make it to my wedding! He has missed way too many important days of my life…I’m happy to say that my wedding will NOT be one of those days!#‎ButchIsFree‬ #‎PopsIsOut #‎HappySon

Butch Baltierra

After getting fitted for tuxes for the wedding Tyler shared this heartfelt post on instagram: “Look at my pops all jazzed up! First time ever being in a tux…I gotta tell ya, I really missed having him around. It’s good to have him home #ButchIsFree #PopsIsOut

Butch & Novalee
Butch & Novalee

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