VIDEO Sneak Peek! Leah Calvert’s Downward Spiral in ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6

Leah Calvert Depression

‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 begins July 9th at 10pm on MTV. In this sneak peek of the season Leah is shown dealing with depression, anxiety, stress and drug accusations…. along with taking care of three beautiful daughters and dealing with the decline of her second marriage. “That happy person I used to be is fading away,” Leah says in the video clip below.

Video Sneak Peek! ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 6 to Feature Dark Time in Kailyn & Javi’s Marriage

Kailyn Lowry Javi

‘Teen Mom 2′ stars Kailyn and Javi are not looking forward to fans seeing season 6. This season will show the couple go through a rough patch in their marriage in which Kailyn admits they were on the “edge of divorce.”

You guys are really gonna see a different side of us this season that I’m not looking forward to. There was a point in our marriage that was extremely difficult. Makes me emotional to think about how we were. I’m not gonna give too much away, but just want yall to know it’s worth it to keep fighting. Seriously. Ps it’s behind us babe. We made it,” Javi shared on Instagram June 26th after Kailyn watched intense scenes of their fighting during press day in NYC.

Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith ARE Back Together!

It’s been confirmed guys! Jenelle and Nathan of ‘Teen Mom 2′ are currently working out their relationship.


Jenelle confirmed the news to OK! Magazine during her trip to NYC for ‘Teen Mom 2′ press. “Nathan realized that I’m the most faithful girl he’s been with and he just wants his family back… We took a break for about four months. During those four months I just focused on myself, took care of Kaiser, spent time with Jace on the weekends. No matter how depressed I was, I didn’t let our breakup effect my schooling. I usually would in the past. I’m proud that I was able to stick to it.

Jace Violent

While Jenelle has been spotted wearing her engagement ring again she claims the two aren’t ready to plan a wedding yet. “We haven’t discussed it… We’re slowly going back into our relationship. We don’t want to jump back into it. Nathan was like,  ‘Oh maybe we can start planning our wedding soon!’ But I think after everything that happened, we need to take a steady pace.” Jenelle also joked that she and Nathan have to last for at least an entire year before she will marry him.

Do you think jenelle and Nathan will make it? Despite the multiple incidents of domestic violence between them?

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