Animal Control Jenelle Evans Featured

Exclusive! Animal Control Called on Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Shortly Before Husky Disappears!

Animal Control Jenelle Evans

Over the weekend a series of unfortunate events took place while Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were having family photos taken with their newborn baby. While the family was out enjoying a photo shoot one of their dogs was left outside chained to a tree.

There was bad weather that day so a random animal lover was concerned about the dog being left outside with no shelter from the storm and decided to call Animal Control who quickly came out to check on the animal. Nathan’s husky was found with a tangled chain that no longer allowed him to reach his water bowl.

According to Smarty Jones of TheRealTeenMomTalk, who spoke with Animal Control that day,  the Husky’s fur was matted and falling out around his collar.  His claws were also of concern to AC because they were allegedly overgrown to the point of curling under his paws.

Animal Control did not take the dog but they did leave a warning on Jenelle and Nathan’s door telling them they needed to give the dog shelter if they were leaving him outside. When Jenelle and Nathan returned home the dog was gone. After speaking with Animal Control themselves they realized the dog was actually taken by someone else although they have yet to find out who. “F***ing twitter hater stole Nathan’s dog. Claims that he was ‘stuck around a tree’ when he freely runs around our yard. Then stalked our house, we come home Nathan’s dog is GONE. The police do not have him they said. I cannot believe this. Cannot wait to move. SO SICK of being harassed on a daily basis, now robbing ? This is insane.” Jenelle vented on Facebook.


Many fans were outraged that Jenelle and Nathan left the dog outside in the first place. They have other pets that were not left outside all day so it doesn’t make much sense that they would leave out the Husky. (Other than maybe Jenelle’s blatant disliking of the dog. She has said outright on Twitter that she doesn’t like the Husky, meanwhile often taking photos and talking about her pit bull and kitten.) “[You’re] not hurting me at all, yr hurting my best friend right now and that’s what is making me furious.” Jenelle continued.

Here are some screen shots and photos of the incident and what Nathan had to say about his dog being taken away.  PLUS photos of the many animals Jenelle has gone through since we started following her life 4 years ago.

What do you think of the situation? Should Jenelle and Nathan have left their dog outside all day? Do you think it was right to notify Animal Control? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

UPDATE! Jenelle Evans is denying all reports of the husky being poorly taken care of. (Well of course) She also says that the dog is back at home. “Yes nathan has his dog back, yes he was stolen. Legal action has been taken place.” she tweets.

73 thoughts on “Exclusive! Animal Control Called on Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Shortly Before Husky Disappears!”

  1. dogs are outdoor animals they shouldn’t be INSIDE all day, but yes they should have shelter. My dog is outside all day and so are majority of dogs in NZ, but they all have shelter. this is ridiculous leave the poor girl alone, stop hating on every little thing she does.

    1. Huskies are not a breed which can handle hot, humid weather in SC. This breed is specifically bred for colder climates. Dogs should never be tethered to a tree. If she and Nathan are too lazy to take their husky outdoors several times a day for a short walk, they don’t deserve that poor dog. Did you not read the part which stated that animal control noted that “the Husky’s fur was matted and falling out around his collar. His claws were also of concern to AC because they were allegedly overgrown to the point of curling under his paws.” This is a huge sign of neglect (never mind tethering a dog to a tree in hot, humid weather for hours at a time). If they can’t take proper care of the dog, then they should find him a good home where the people actually care about their pets.

      1. The dog was not being harmed again if it were the police would have taken it a long time ago what part of that do you not understand?

        1. Did you not read the part which stated that animal control noted that “the Husky’s fur was matted and falling out around his collar. His claws were also of concern to AC because they were allegedly overgrown to the point of curling under his paws.” This is a huge sign of neglect (never mind tethering a dog to a tree in hot, humid weather for hours at a time).

    2. Are you insane! Disgusting people don’t deserve pets. You’re as big of a train wreck as she is! I’m a vet tech and a cage needs to be 10X the size of the animal! SHe stuffed a pit and Husky in the same cage! SHe’s disgusting and that was 100% animal abuse!!!!

      1. I agree! This is the most vain, nauseating, codependent couple I’ve seen in my life. They were too concerned with taking photos to post online later to care anything about their pets, especially the dog they left outside that couldn’t reach it’s water dish, fur was matted and falling out, and claws curling under (how painful!). These two really are pieces of sh*t and should not only have ALL pets taken from them, they should have both kids taken from them! I don’t think her mother is a good “mother” figure for Jace because she is always screaming and yelling…..what does she think she’s teaching that kid? Look at how Jenelle turned out…..she’s just going to create a male version of Jenelle the way she raises kids. This family should not be allowed to show their faces on tv, the internet, or how about in any public space! The hate is growing, as if I didn’t like them enough already, and it never gets any better. I never read anything good about these people and the few articles saying anything good are saying they have changed, which is complete BS! They have not changed at all! Jenelle and Nathan should be sterilized!

    3. Yeah, and also should have basic care like cutting nails. This dog is not loved nor taken care of. Dogs should never be tied out and left. They can’t defend themselves from anything attacking them.

    4. She is abusing these dogs. Two large dogs stuffed in a small crate that one dog wouldn’t fit in. Then add a hot garage, no water. Its abuse if your that stupid give your pets to someone who can take care of it.

    5. the dog was tied up to a tree. its against the law in most stated to leave a dog chained up outside, i have a husky, i wouldnt ever do that to her. also huskys are so active they NEED the excersise and ability to run around, if i lived close to her, id take the dog too, to a better home where the dog will be loved and not shamed. huskys require a lot of patience, they can be very active/independent, its the breed. and also a husky needs to be groomed regularly, my husky goes 1 every 2 months to be groomed and brushed regularly inbetween and i use dogs wipes on her in between. dogs are no acessories. jenelle needs an ass whoopin’ if shes ever in CLT id be glad to give it to her;) jenelle evans is an animal abuser. shame on you jenelle.

    6. Did you not read the part which stated that animal control noted that “the Husky’s fur was matted and falling out around his collar. His claws were also of concern to AC because they were allegedly overgrown to the point of curling under his paws.” This is a huge sign of neglect (never mind tethering a dog to a tree in hot, humid weather for hours at a time).

    7. Yes, but dog need to be inside and outside half of the day. Shelter and food is the most important thing for dogs. Janelle should have given the dog shelter. The dog could of died in that storm. Janelle had no responsibility to take care of that dog. So that dog should have been stolen sooner because that dog needed a better owner and home. Now since the dog dissapeared she has been all sweetie about it and saying OH I LOVE THE DOG or I MISS THE DOG. Well she was shitty to the dog. Also she’s just making up stuff and trying to get all of her fishies on her side of the sea.

  2. She doesn’t deserve this dog. She lives in Myrtle Beach, huskies aren’t great in heat. I honestly think she cheered when the dog went missing, it’s obvious she didn’t like the husky anyway. I hope someone else gave that dog a good home, and I hope all the other pets she rejected over the years went to deserving families, as well.

    1. Just because she lives in Myrtle Beach doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve the dog and its not hers in the first place its NATHANS and its not right to steal anything in the first place!

      1. You clearly do not understand the proper care a dog requires. By law, no matter what state or season, a dog MUST have access to water and shelter.

        The condition those dogs were found in, should have been grounds for immediate confiscation. Animal Control missed the boat on that one.

        You’re defending a girl who isn’t even capable of caring for her first child, much less a dog. I hope you don’t have dogs.

        I too have a cold weathered dog. He can’t tolerate more than five minutes outside in the summer. It would be pure cruelty for me to leave him out any longer. I hope someone would report me if I was that negligent.

      2. She cant take care of herself, much less her two children or a dog or even a goldfish. She has no business owning any animal. What is animal control thinking???????

    2. you are such an asshole!!! thats sincerely a really dumb thing to say!!! how in the world would you know that?? I can assume then u don´t even deserve your family because the way that u think is absolutely disgusting!!!

  3. Seriously that is pathetic its Nathan’s dog what he chooses to do with it is his business and big dogs are meant to be outside no matter what the breed may be thats what dogs are used to! Whoever stole his dog needs to be caught and arrested because that pure crap and hurtful to someone who has done nothing to anyone to deserve his dog being taken from him what kind of heartless trash would do such a thing? What’s next breaking and entering the actual house and hurting his son? That don’t fly! People need to leave Jenelle and Nathan ALONE! They are human beings and yes they have made many mistakes but they are happy and everything is okay between them now and they have both changed at least I know Jenelle has haters are gonna hate but said haters need serious help if they keep doing shit like this!

    1. I have a large breed dog that would die if left in the heat all day. Dog was returned (unharmed I’m assuming), they should be glad people care enough. The dog could have hung himself wrapped around a tree.

        1. Yea Sara, that’s exactly what people are after, pissing jenelle off. Are you fucking kidding me? Have you been so thoroughly brainwashed by the media that you think everything revolves around jenelle and she NEVER does wrong or neglected the dog for the sole fact that she’s on reality t.v. Your argument is a joke and you should really think before you type or put your two cents in. Do you even own an animal? I pray to god you don’t. Otherwise it’s probably on the verge of dying.

    2. Big dogs are not meant to be outside…… Thats an ignorant thing to say there are many breeds that are working breeds like a sheepdog or a cattle dog or any type of farm dog. They are bread for that purpose and are used to heat and or cold. However they still need regular grooming and nail trimming and access to water or shelter. Huskies are NOT an outdoor dog in a hot place. They are double and sometimes triple coated to stay warm. From the sounds of it he was molting when animal control found him which is a sign of neglect . typically thats the owner not brushing them. If that molting was matted thats ridiculous. Im not saying i agree with how people are treating them but i do agree that she needs to do some research on her pets to know what they can and cant handle. I do not know whether she is just cruel and doesnt like the husky or just not knowledgable. Either way this is neglect and abuse.

  4. I have a husky. She hates to be inside. No matter how hot or cold it is out she likes to go outside so she can run it’s in her nature just like their dog. Honestly most of the “animal lovers” don’t have a clue what they are talking about. I think it was just a neighbor who had nothing better to do. Yall just need to leave janelle alone, she’s becoming a better person so let’s cut her a break and let her enjoy her life .

  5. Jenelle is a f#$king idiot, I haven’t liked her since she first aired on teen mom!! She should not have any right to own any animals nor to have children. I don’t care if she has proven herself or not with this new baby, she always has an excuse, no one loves me, my boyfriend left, whatever her reason might be yes she and her restarted boyfriend she get charged for animal neglect and should never own another animal!!!!!

    1. It was chained to a tree that was shade! It is very wrong to just go into someone’s yard and steal their dog and I am sure Nathan loves his dog very much otherwise he would not have been so upset and its not like they were gone all damn day! They had a photoshoot and again if it was harming the animal the cops would have taken him a long time ago! As far as her not having any animals she has EVERY RIGHT TO HAVE A PET AND CHILDREN Amber you are the one who shouldnt have these things and I feel bad for them if you do she had reasons to be the way she was before not excuses REASONS! Amber get a life honestly because you of all people should not be judging a person you know nothing about!

      1. Like you know so much about jenelle?!? Dude your comments are fucking irrelevant! You don’t know jenelle either, whether they portray her as good or bad you aren’t her family or friend, you’re basing your whole argument on what they show in the media. Wake the fuck up. I’m guessing you voted for Obama too. And you’re telling amber to get a life because she is stating her “opinion” which are mostly factual for any smart decent human being, but then it’s ok for you to state your opinion…why? Because you like jenelle? I really sincerely hope you go into a coma and wake up to a different reality. You are what is wrong with society.

        1. Another Right Winger with the IQ of a goldfish. If you did not see the abuse after the last episode you had better not breed or own a pet.

    2. I totally agree with you..She was horiribly mean to that poor dog on the episode tonight…I felt so horrible wathching her scare and drag that beautiful dog..Its apparent she hates him..He is beautiful give him to someone who wants him and will love him…I have never liked her..She I so self absorbed….Its all about poor Janelle all the time..She can’t handle anything ever..Grow up….Stand on your own two feet..


        1. Riiiiight, Sara. That’s why MTV put a disclaimer on the episode helping to advocate proper care and treatment of animals, because Jenelle did everything right.

          Jenelle doesn’t care about anyone or anything but herself. And the poor living creatures who are stuck with her have to suffer for it.

          She mistreats those animals, and she shouldn’t have them.

      2. The episode tonight was very upsetting. It was clear animal abuse. It made me really sad to see that husky and pit bull stuffed inside one kennel even for a short time. Then when the pit bull refuses to get in the new kennel it is clear they are boxed up way to much. I have a pit bull and they need lots of exercise and space. Those tiny kennels are for transportation not for a dog to live. If you are going to have a dog why would you keep him boxed up all the time??? You have to have a license to drive, but not to have a helpless child or animal. This episode made me sad, for Jace and the poor doggies. I wish I could take them all home.

    3. This girl has anger problems! She definitely is a dog abuser & should NEVER be allowed to have any pets. She did this w/cameras rolling…imagine when they r not there. Keeping dogs large dogs crated in a hot/cold garage is abuse. I can stomach animal abusers! She is the worst form of trash there is!!!!

  6. Amber I really don´t know who u are but u’re a trashy person absolutely!!! how can u even think about that??!! who are u?? god?
    please min your own bussiness instead of making this type of poor comments just spreading hate!!!
    Please go and do something better for your own life!!!

    1. So because amber states a different form of opinion she is trashy and has to mind her own business? Are you stupid? The only reason you’re butthurt is because she doesn’t support or like jenelle. Well wake the fuck up, not everybody is as brainwashed by the social media as you, some people can clearly see the difference between right and wrong. All of you defending jenelle in this case saying “you people don’t know her it’s all been edited or mis made. It’s not factual”. It amazes me. So you’re going to tell me that you personally know her or you were there when every incident went down? Didn’t think so. STOP CONTRADICTING YOURSELVES.

  7. WOW, feeling the hatred, do you honestly think they give 2 craps about what people think. Husky’s are not good outdoor dogs, mostly in the summer and in the South it is not good for them. They can overheat very quickly, and if they have no shelter to at least catch some shade that should be considered abusive. You would not go outside in 90+ degree weather and wear a thick fur coat and keep it on, Now if they took him to a groomer to shave him or her down and had some shade fine, they do like hanging outside. BUT if you cannot treat your animal like you would your child than honestly DON’T GET THEM. We had big dogs all my life growing up and we never kept them outside 24/7 that is what you call a lawn ornament not something you love..pisses me off really cause my 3 Dogs are my babies, hell I even brush their damn teeth, I honestly think they have to much going with getting Jace back and a new baby to have anything else going on and should maybe think of giving it to someone who has the time and wants to LOVE the dog, not treat it like a possession, it is a living breathing thing who has a pack-mentality and right now I can tell you outside 24/7 it is not feeling very loved.

    1. It was chained to a tree that was shade! It is very wrong to just go into someone’s yard and steal their dog and I am sure Nathan loves his dog very much otherwise he would not have been so upset and its not like they were gone all damn day! They had a photoshoot and again if it was harming the animal the cops would have taken him a long time ago!

      1. No kidding policy are stupid. I live in west Virginia and it’s humid and a neighbors own two husky that loved outside hated inside. Ppl are stupid. Husky are outside dogs they live in Russia where it’s hot Siberia is hot during the summer and freezing during the winter. Do your research before you speak.

      2. Which is it Sara? Should big dogs be left OUTSIDE (tangled around a tree and not able to get to his water dish?) or INSIDE in an undersized cage… along with another large dog as crate-mate (again without access to water)? That’s an obvious contradiction.

        Of course for this and the additional abuse… you blame the reality show fall-back, grasping at straws defense, “editing,” I won’t waste my time listing all the reasons why this is an epic fail for your “reasoning.” It’s inevitable that you will blather on with insane yet laughable excuses for each of my many bullet points. You have no valid argument… instead you resort to being outright nasty in your comments.

        What your comments do suggest is that you condone animal abuse… you’re defending the indefensible. I’d say you’re someone who doesn’t take advice well so I won’t even try to rationalize with you. There’s no point… there’s no sense in arguing with stupid… or sick… or an idiot… or someone friggin’ cray cray. If the topic of animal abuse wasn’t so serious… I’d laugh at your comments instead. There is some relief for animals lovers and defenders… Jenelle Evans was foolish enough to abuse the dogs on camera. You can bet your a$$ the “police” will take the dogs away now Sara. That’s the good news. Sadly, Jace was there… watching her every move… listening to her foul mouth… following the crappy example she set… he even called the dog “mean.” We can only pray for her TWO boys. SMH.

  8. I’ve never owned a Husky but I can’t imagine it would enjoy being chained to a tree! If its nails were In that poor condition it only proves it was chained
    there for a long time and not walked. That’s just cruel. I hope who ever has ‘stole’ the dog has given it a better home.

    1. Again if the dog was in any harm it would have been taken away ages ago but as far as I know it has been returned to them

      1. HELLO!?!?! Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if EVERY time an animal is harmed it would be taken away… rescued? Unfortunately it’s not and not every abuser is being filmed… like Jenelle.

  9. Jenelle, continue to be a horrible “mom” to those kids but please turn your dogs over to someone who will not mistreat them. You don’t deserve to own animals and they don’t deserve to be abused.

  10. Jenelle and Nathan can’t take care of themselves let alone anything else. Do the dogs a favor and give them to someone who will take proper care of them. No excuse for the condition the huskey was in. That is neglect. then she expects them to be squished in crates they can barely move in. that’s cruelty!

  11. I was very upset over how Jenelle “lost it” over the dog shitting in the house. Seems to me, like maybe the dog had been caged up too long without going outside, not the dogs fault, I mean when you gotta go, you gotta go! if she has such little patience for that, makes me wonder how she will handle the stress of a baby

  12. Pretty sure this “Sara” commenter is Janelle. She seems to know an awful lot about how long they’ve had the dogs, when they got the husky back, etc. and is super-defensive of Janelle’s cruel behavior. Bottom line, the treatment showed on the episode appeared abusive, which is why MTV added the announcement about animal abuse to the end of the show. If Janelle will do this kind of thing in front of the cameras, it makes you wonder what horrible things she does to these poor creatures when the show isn’t taping…

  13. And dog sh*t is like NOTHING in the grand scheme of things to take care of in life. If you can’t properly care for a dog, how the f*ck are you gonna take care of a kid???!? The fact she got so angry over something so simply solved (she could have scooped it in 5 secs, instead she had a 15-min tantrum) just shows you how poorly prepared she is for life in general.

  14. Their dogs are kept in small cages all day with no water. She treats them like sh*t! She can’t even take care of herself, her kid, or her dogs. Her dogs definitely need to be taken away. I felt so sorry for them and to top it off the retard put both these huge dogs in a cage that was already too small for one dog. She makes me sick! Always have felt sorry for her son and her mom, now add her pets to the list. MTV should drop her from the show. I know they keep her to show kids how not to be but she went overboard. If i was the one filming I would have called animal humane and filmed what happens to animal abusers…not nearly enough!

    1. It is a good thing this was filmed however. She sunk herself… I believe she will be charged with animal cruelty and it’s documented now.

  15. I think you’re right J!!! That has to be Jenelle posing as “Sara”. She sure is overly defensive about what ppl are saying. The truth does seem to hurt, especially when your morale is that low. I saw what she did tonight to that beautiful animal and it made me sick!! Jenelle sure can find an excuse for everything life throws at her. You didn’t raise your first son. Your mother did and you honestly think you’ll be capable of raising this new baby??? Absolutely not!!!! Look at how you treat a poor, defenseless animal!!! And your excuse is that you are pregnant?!?! If you cared for those animals correctly then they wouldn’t be having accidents on the floor!!! If you didn’t leave them tied to trees in hot ass weather, concerned people wouldn’t be calling animal control!!! Someone needs to lock her worthless ass in a small cage and keep her in a hot ass garage for hours at a time!!! If her lazy ass would get up and walk those dogs then they wouldn’t react the way they do!!! We can all blame money hungry networks like MTV for promoting this kind of behavior. People like Jenelle get paid insane amounts of money to sit on their lazy ass and make fools of themselves because they consider that entertainment!?!?! Anybody that sympathizes with that girl needs a reality check of their own!! Jenelle Evans is the epitome of trash and that Husky she is abusing has a purer soul than she does. I’ve read online over the years about all her indiscretions and how ridiculously ignorant she is and none of that ever hit a nerve with me until I saw her interactions with those poor animals. I could care less what that sorry excuse for a human being does to herself. She’s the one that has to look in the mirror everyday and try to act like she’s happy with her decisions and yes I do feel for her son and the one on the way and I even feel for her mother but to see that animal abuse aired on a network that people of all ages watch, like that’s acceptable behavior and in front of her little boy nonetheless!!! Doesn’t that little boy already demonstrate violent behavior?!? Hmmm, I wonder where he picked that up from?!?! And whoever this Sara character is, animal control doesn’t remove animals as quickly as you think. If they continue to get reports, they will remove all the animals and those sorry excuses for human beings will be summoned to court or arrested. Haven’t you ever watched Animal Planet??? It’s unfortunate that a animal as beautiful as that husky has to endure ignorant owners like Jenelle and her douche bag boyfriend. Hopefully the good samaritan that called on them will continue to call so the animals get freed from the hell they live in. Imagine what she will do when she gets overwhelmed with her new baby when he takes his diaper off when it’s full of poop?!?! No wonder everyone dogs her online and in the media!!! Not everyone is as oblivious to the degree of stupidity and her despicable demeanor as MTV obviously is!! Jenelle Evans is an inferior waste that only proves how wretched she truly is every time she appears on television. Only low lives like her abuse animals on national tv and use irritability as an excuse to try and hide the fact that she is an insignificant, trifling, miserable existence with no reverent morale. Karma is a bitch and she will get what she deserves.

    1. Jenelle make me sick in this episode. Do you really think she’d be any better if she wasn’t on the show? C’mon, MTV is not to blame. Actually the fact that this was on camera is a good thing. Otherwise the dogs would be abused without documentation or bringing it to the forefront.

      1. I see what you’re saying dch60 and I hope you are right. Let’s hope that something is done about her abuse and neglect towards those animals and that they use the episode as documentation and proof to remove the dogs and prosecute her wretched ass!!!

  16. Animal Control is a joke everywhere. People barely get a slap on the wrist for neglect and abuse. It’s not surprising they didn’t take the dog. She had those dogs in a kennel the whole time! She is such a hot mess and I hope she gets what’s coming to her piece of shit existence!

    1. I agree completely with you Rose! That Sara person keeps saying they would take the dog if it was abused or neglected when that isn’t the case at all. Most animals die from abuse and neglect before anything is ever done and it is so sad. And that first comment from Kate said that dogs are outside animals?!?! What a joke. People are so ignorant, it’s sad really.

  17. Jenelle is worthless. I honestly cannot find a single redeeming quality in that subhuman. When her children grow up they will see her for the pathetic unevolved trash that the world already sees. Get ready Jenelle–your babies are going to hate you just like the rest of the world does for all that you have done. How will you handle that if you can’t handle a little poop? How many lives have you screwed up in the process of living yours (animals included as well as the babies you have killed in utero). Deep down you know that you’re damaged. You’ll screw up again and again because that’s what you do. Don’t think for a even second that you will ever know peace. You will never know happiness.

  18. This episode broke my heart. I grew up with two huskies and love the breed dearly to this day. Huskies are not for the faint hearted. They are exceptionally hyper and known to be “runners.” She shows frustration towards the dog when the husky nips at the pit bull. Any person in their right mind would not put two large breeds in a small kennel. That is asking for a disaster. She shouldn’t be an animal owner. I didn’t have much respect for her before this, but always gave her the benefit of the doubt that TV isn’t a true representation of anyones life. This though, was clear animal abuse. I hope the dog gets the chance to have a new home. Poor baby.

  19. Jenelle disgusting person!! She couldn’t even take care of jace but she decided to have another son. She’s not a good person. The way she treated those animals were disgusting . She’s disgusting junky

  20. If she can’t properly take care of her son and needs her mom to do it, why does she keep getting pregnant and buying or adopting animals? Seems to me like she’s way too involved with herself and whatever boyfriend she might be screwing at the time to give a crap about anyone or anything else. If she can’t give her full attention to what she already has then it’s obvious she needs to stop adding things to her plate. It’s not fair that her child and those poor animals have to suffer the consequences of her messy ass life. It’s time to grow up, you’re no longer a TEEN mom.

  21. I felt so sorry for those dogs, they are not meant to be caged up all day and yelled at. They need lots of daily exercise and obviously love, duh they are dogs and are gonna make messes. Big deal, she has to act like a grown up for a minute and sweep the garage. She is gross and talking to dogs like that is teaching her son to have anxiety and be mean to dogs.

  22. I just got done watching the show. I wish they would not have even aired how she treated those dogs. It makes me sick to my stomach. I never liked jennelle but I now I hate her. I hope they remove her from the show completely. I have two Pitt Bulls and could never imagine treating them in that manor. Someone should lock her in a crate that is so small she can’t move an inch without the bars grinding into her skin. She needs help and until she gets it she should not be allowed to have children or pets. If you can abuse animals you won’t have any problems abusing your children. So sad what she did to those poor dogs. I really hope MTV gets rid of her and quits paying her to act like a disgusting piece of trash.

  23. Jenelle is a hot mess, no denying it, but the proof is recorded for all to see that she is an animal abuser. NO dog should be kept in a crate all the time, in a hot garage. I have had huskies for 26 years and they need exercise, which this dog clearly doesn’t get. The fact that his nails are overgrown, means he doesn’t even get walked for them to be filed down. Every husky owner knows to never let their husky off leash – they are runners. She set him loose on the show, which could have resulted in him being hurt or lost. Her PR people should seriously consider making her rehome the dog and admit that she can’t properly care for it. She can barely care for herself. Her poor kids! The best part of this show is that it makes me grateful for how normal my life is!

    1. Some neighbors of mine recently had the misfortune of their dog getting loose. As bad luck would have it, the dog got hit by a car. My neighbors ended up paying the vet $11,000 to put the poor dog back together again! Maybe if Jenelle were aware of what vet bills can come to in the event of her dog(s) being hit by cars, she wouldn’t be so quick to leave them running loose outside her house. But then, I’ll bet she’d just sign to have them euthanized. Surprise, Jenelle! You can’t even do that for under $100 to $500 – per dog! For goodness sakes, Jenelle, you don’t care enough for these dogs to keep them properly. So give them up to a good new home and, presto! You’ve got fewer stresses in your life.

  24. Shame on you Janelle and your freaky jerky husband. Your treatment of those darling dogs is disgusting. Hopefully someone can find them a loving home. Stop reproducing or bringing any live thing into your home. It is not fair. You and your boyfriend/husband whatever are white trash to boot!

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