Chelsea Houska Shows Off Her Slim Figure in New Sexy Bikini Photo!


Chelsea Houska of ‘Teen Mom 2’ has never been what I would consider “fat” or even overweight. However she has lost a noticeable amount of weight recently. She seemed to struggle with her body image on the show, making little comments here and there about looking fat. 


Chels posted a new photo of herself in a way we have never really seen her. (At least I’ve never seen a picture of her like this one!) She’s wearing a little bikini and captioned the photo with “Haven’t had a Sunday funday in a looong ass time…and damn do I need it” While I think it’s great that she’s now feeling more confident, I do wish she would realize how beautiful she has always been!

3 thoughts on “Chelsea Houska Shows Off Her Slim Figure in New Sexy Bikini Photo!”

  1. She was always beautiful but i personally know what it’s like to want better for yourself. To see her finally over Adam and taking care of herself is awesome! So proud of her transformation all together. You look great Chelsea and it’s so great to see you happy!!

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