Monitoring Your Health During Pregnancy Helps

There comes a point in your life when you experience something that could affect your future. Having a baby and dealing with all the extra weight is one of those things. Sure, it won’t kill you and you will be alive when it is over. Though, you should see if you want to maintain your weight. Buy yourself a little weight scale to keep track of how much your gaining and losing each day. Today, pregnancy scales exist to help any woman stay at the desired weight level. Infused with the most advanced pressure weight technology to let you know if your messing up your diet in a short instant. Focus and believe you can make your body better. Eat nothing but healthy food for the entire weeks. Watch every fat you put into your body and say no to anything that can cause you to not reach your weight goal. Read up on more information related pregnancy scale and pregnancy below.

Make Sure to Eat Enough for Baby Growth

Your now eating for two people, so you need to eat a little more. Ignore your weight lost goals if it comes in contact with eating enough to support baby. Women who do not eat enough calories will make it hard for their baby to develop and breath when baby comes out. So, consume an additional 100 calories on top of the standard 2400 calories you need to consume each day. Totaling to 2500 calories you need to eat each day all together. You are eating for two people. Your going to need to eat more so you and the little guy can be ok. With that, expect to gain some weight. Hey, don’t be unrealistic and try to lose every bit of fat you gain. Ideally, it would be wise for you to wait until the baby is out. Once the baby is out, you can spend a lot more time working out and go on extreme diets. But, when the baby is inside you, you need to hold back and eat more. Altogether, eat for two people and stay at the safe limit consumption of 2500 calories per day.

Use Pregnancy Scale to Track Weight

pregnancy scale

Pregnancy scale is the best way to track your daily weight. Weight changes week to week. It changes based on how much you eat per day. The scale measures your weight and mass. To deeply explain, mass is you and weight is the force the gravity pulls on you because your on Earth. Walk onto the scale and your weight is given after standing for 5 seconds. Sometimes, the weight does not show your exact weight. You need to measure your weight over and over to get the more accurate weight number. Go to the bathroom and step on the scale once a week. Let yourself know how much weight you are gaining and try to keep it at the safe level. If you found yourself going over, take a deep breath. Then, try to eat less the next coming days. Mandatory that you eat 2500 calories per day. Make sure you are not going over that limit of food. Use the scale each week and hopefully your weight loss methods are working.

Cut Down On Calories

As long as your not going under 2500 calories, you can cut down on the calories you consume. This is not going to be fun. You are going to experience a moment where you wish you were eating anyway. All the food will be in your face. Try your best to eat only the required 2500 per day calories. Disappear from people who have food that is tempting to eat. Hang around folk who eat healthy salads and boring food that you want no part in. Additionally, avoid going to places with snacks. Any snack could provoke you to eat more and more. You are on a strict diet and you can’t have anything getting in your way. To sum up, eat less and avoid things that provoke you to go over the standard calorie eat budget.


Exciting news! It’s finally been confirmed that the original MTV show ‘Teen Mom’ is returning for a new season! Us Weekly is exclusively reporting that the show is in fact coming back in 2015.


The ladies are very excited to be sharing their lives on ‘Teen Mom’ once again. Maci tells the magazine, “My family and I are in such a new and interesting place in our lives. I feel like I have grown up so much since the last time that I filmed anything for TV, so it will be very interesting to show viewers how our lives have evolved.

Catelynn Lowell is also excited to show her new pregnancy in the upcoming season, “I feel like documenting this pregnancy is totally different, because now it’s our time to be parents… Tyler and I have always done the show to help people, now people can see what it will be like to juggle the responsibilities of taking care of our new baby while navigating our relationship with Carly and her adoptive parents

Amber Portwood will also return to document her life after prison as she enrolls in school and rebuilds her life. Farrah Abraham will not be returning.



How much of Reality TV is actually reality? Well honestly after following this show for the past few years I can tell you it’s not very much. The girls of ‘Teen Mom’ usually say that the show represents their daily lives and their stories pretty well but consider the source, they are getting paid bank by MTV so it’s kind of important to them that you watch the show.

The 16 & Pregnant girls that don’t move on to other shows are usually more open about some of the “fake” things on the show. Several girls have come forward over the years explaining that MTV wanted there to be drama, and that a lot of scenes were completely staged.

Season 5 girl Aleah LeBeouf answered questions about her episode on after the show aired and revealed (what we all pretty much knew already) that a lot of the conversations are staged. A fan asked “Does MTV tell you what to say in some circumstances?” to which she replied “To an extent- you do have to discuss the back history that you guys didn’t see” Aleah also revealed that she sometimes had to change her clothes to make it look like it was a different day while filming.

Another behind the scenes fun fact is that apparently the 16 & Pregnant girls were expected to do their own hair and makeup for the reunion special in NYC. According to Aleah the staff only did “touch ups” on the girls.