Chelsea Houska Buys a House! Take a peek!


It looks like Teen Mom 2′s Chelsea Houska is now a home owner! On March 17th she posted a gorgeous photo of herself and daughter Aubree in front of a nice sized home stating “so blessed.” Chelsea’s father Randy also tweeted that it was a “big day” for Chelsea and that refrigerators are heavy.

We don’t have many details on Chelsea’s new home but it looks like a beautiful place for Chelsea to raise Aubree. I also love the fact that she is doing it on her own, she’s not waiting for a man to do these things for her. Chelsea is an independent woman and a fantastic mother, she’s one ‘Teen Mom’ that really seems to have her priorities in order, always putting Aubree first!

Congratulations to Chelsea and Aubree for starting this new chapter of their lives! (UPDATE: Chelsea’s father Randy wants it to be clear that he did not buy this home for her. Chelsea put her money to good use and invested in a home for herself and her daughter!)

Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska Heading to See Miley Cyrus!?


Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi are big fans of miss Miley Cyrus… for some reason… so Kailyn made it a point to score tickets to one of her concerts. Kailyn tweeted to fellow ‘Teen Mom 2′ star Chelsea Houska “You better come to Miley with us!” to which Chelsea enthusiastically replied “I NEEED TOOOO!!!

How cool would it be for these ladies to hang out for once without MTV lurking around!? It’s cool to see that these girls are friends outside of their ‘Teen Mom’ business. Kailyn, Chelsea and Leah have all stayed in touch outside of filming together which is clear on their twitters. The only girl that seems to be left out of the friendship circle is Jenelle Evans and that probably has a lot to do with her ‘Teen Mom’ blog that is getting on everyone’s nerves. Well I hope whoever ends up going has fun seeing Miley Cyrus twerk and stick her tongue out all night. :p

Jenelle Evans New Baby Bump Photo!


Jenelle Evans baby bump is growing fast. She’s now just a little over six months along!

Evans shared this baby bump photo on her twitter account and captioned “It’s getting warm out Kaiser.” She’s wearing a very cute outfit that will be perfect for the Spring which technically starts tomorrow!

I’m sure baby Kaiser will love the warm weather just like his mama, who is known for her love of the beach! It’s a good thing she’s okay with hot weather too because she will be giving birth to Kaiser in the summer time!

I have to say I am a little bit jealous if the weather in SC is nice enough for sleeveless clothing. Where I live there is still snow on the ground!